What We Do

Our Services Include:

Executive Business Services

Summit of Everest Group has been responsible for cultivating, developing, and managing multi-million dollar relationships with General Electric, General Motors, 3M, United Technologies, The Boeing Company as well as smaller, but no less important relationships with over 200 different companies and organizations.  Group has completed strategic, technical, and business development projects with of global teams and partners in more than 15 different countries including Ireland, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Japan.  Our team understands, respects, and leverages the dynamics of different cultures.

Leadership Development Programs

Summit of Everest Group partners understand the importance of the team and the roles of leading, following, and serving.  Our “rope team” concept reinforces the knowledge that to reach your highest summits, you need to most effective team possible.  Our programs are designed to foster communication and trust, identify assets and liabilities, build and share ethos, and deliver higher performance.  We also take our responsibility to society very seriously and build in social responsibility and corporate social responsibility projects into our programs specifically tailored to client requirements.

  • No Barriers Corporate Leadership Expedition
  • A Call to Adventure Team Building and CSR
  • Summit of Everest Group Business Strategy Offsites

Adventure Programs

Summit of Everest Group was founded on the belief that we can do more with our lives and live the adventure we seek.  Our adventure programs combine the best commercial expedition programs with experienced professionals like Jeff Evans’ MountainVision organization with meaningful opportunities for change on both a social and personal level.  Contact us today to set your next adventure in motion!

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